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Launching ' A Moment For Love ' for Solvil et Tiltus to continue the romantic legacy

22 Jan, 2021, Hong Kong - Solvil et Titus has appointed M&C Saatchi Spencer to launch a series of commercials ‘A Moment For Love’ to promote their new collections of watches on multiple social media platforms.

Working closely with M&C Saatchi Spencer, a series of short promotional videos have been produced.

The new campaign theme, ‘A Moment For Love’ shows a love that resides in eternity. The videos emphasise how it thrives and flourishes in memory, and lasts for a lifetime. In this series of commercial videos, the audience can follow the intimate story of a couple who fell in love after an 8 second glance, illustrating how an instant flash burns forever in the heart.

It ignites a never-ending passion.

From the couples’ facial expressions and the simple yet romantic plot, the audience is immersed in their evergrowing love and indelible moments.

The watch reminds us of a moment we cherish. A lifetime of love.