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YUU - Rewards Club and M&C Saatchi Spencer piling up on marketing awards

The only way from here is up, both yuu Rewards Club and M&C Saatchi Spencer has risen to the top as they pile on the awards for their recent endeavour. The campaign has seen huge success as they had a ground-breaking 2,000,000 members joining the app in a mere 4 weeks.

It was hardly a surprise that M&C Saatchi Spencer and yuu Rewards Club were going to win accolades after accolades seeing that Hong Kong adored the sky blue advertisements plastered everywhere. In the Marketing Interactive’s MARKies awards, yuu rewards had won 2 golds and 4 silvers. At the Loyalty and Engagement Awards, both M&C Saatchi Spencer and yuu Rewards Club took home the prestigious title of ‘Best of Show - Agency’ and ‘Best of Show - Brand’, respectively. To top it all off, both sides have garnered a total of eight gold awards and one silver at this event and was unanimously the best campaign of 2020.

From the way things are playing out and the endless streams of creativity produced by M&C Saatchi Spencer and Dairy Farm’s vision, the only way from here truly is up.