MCSAATCHISPENCER - The creative, branding & marketing communication specialist in Hong Kong, founded by Spencer Wong and M&C Saatchi, the largest independent advertising group in the world, listed in London.


M&C Saatchi Spencer celebrates their third anniversary

23rd August, 2021 - Today we celebrate M&C Saatchi Spencer’s 3rd Birthday. We’re simply overjoyed and grateful to all the partners and people we’ve worked with to get to where we are at now.

A lot has changed in the last year. As you have probably noticed, our address looks a little different and we have a website platform to write about it now. We are truly blessed to see three and we hope that this is one of the many milestones to come.

For now at least, we’ll savour the moment and express our gratitude to all those that helped us with a beautiful arrangement of flowers sent to them with a little touch of M&C. We hope we can colour and liven up your day with the flowers as you have done for us continuously in the last few years.

Again, we sincerely appreciate all the support and we hope to continue and carry all of this forward into the coming years.