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The Dairy Farm Group entrusts M&C Saatchi Spencer for the promotion of yuu Rewards Club

The Dairy Farm Group entrusts M&C Saatchi Spencer to handle the promotion of the new highly acclaimed rewards loyalty programme known as yuu Rewards Club. With this collaboration, this all-encompassing loyalty programme has taken Hong Kong by storm and has become an essential app that every Hong Kong citizen must have.

This iconic campaign features singer George Lam and his son Alex Lam, a pair of locally well-known and well-loved individuals. They both came together to sing and perform the theme song in a music video that would forever be instilled in your memory and leave you humming the melody and chorus wherever you go. The whole concept and the addicting lyrics of the music video was surely to be a hit as it was M&C Saatchi Spencer’s mission to create an invasive brand imagine.

The entirety of the yuu Rewards Club promotion utilizes both online and offline ads to reach a greater audience. Ronald Wong, Head of Marketing at yuu, stated that “we will launch ads in different formats, such as OOH, print, and online to reach every sector in the society.” He further explained and said the “Online ads will be the main ways to promote as they are useful to attract potential customers to join our programme immediately.”

This whole campaign has garnered numerous accolades already and yet, this is only the beginning and an opening chapter for this partnership. As CEO of Dairy Farm Group, Ian Mcleod said ”This marks a significant milestone for Dairy Farm as we have connected all our brands digitally for the good of our customers in Hong Kong together with our partners.”

Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi Spencer

Agency Team: Spencer Wong, Philip Tsang, Sammy Lau, Gary Lam, Chris Fong, Kiki Lam, Abbie Chan, Effie Lung

Production House: Film Factory", "Film Director: Silent Wong