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UA Finance appoints M&C Saatchi Spencer for UA Finance rebranding campaign, featuring Endy Chow, Jo Lam, Shirley Chan, Jackie Lau and 4 famous Kaiju from the original Ultraman series

M&C Saatchi Spencer is excited to announce their business win of UA Finance, which is the leading money lender in Hong Kong. The client commissioned the agency to revitalise the brand with a powerful campaign targeting the mass with the appeals engaging the younger segment.

The new brand concept is illustrated with an iconic arm, saying it will empower you anytime upon unimaginable difficulties.

The heavy weighed campaign spearheads with a multi-versioned TVCs together with different outdoor executions, billboards, POSM and digital channels.

An imaginative TV film was directed by Man Chung of Film Factory, featuring Endy Chow, the Hong Kong famous musician/actor as the main character, together with the collaboration with Tsuburaya Productions, which shipped four original Ultraman series monsters, directly from Japan.

Besides, thousands of bottles of UA Finance soda water were produced to symbolise the instant relief after UA's empowerment. These bottles of branded soda water will be distributed as giveaway on the street along a truck carrying the gigantic iconic arm, and to be delivered at some of their branch outlets.


Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi Spencer

Agency team: Spencer Wong, Sammy Lau, Philip Tsang, Gary Lam, Kiki Lam, Nick Wong, Esther Cheung, Pauling Wong

Production House: Film Factory

Post Production: Touches

Film Director: Man Chung