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M&C Saatchi Spencer honoured to present new Dragon Ball Z crossover collection for Solvil et Titus

The new watch collection by Solvil et Titus is the brand’s latest crossover series, featuring Toei Animation and FUNimation’s all-time anime smash hit, Dragon Ball Z. Together, they introduced the Solvil et Titus x Dragon Ball Z limited watch collection, along with special design packaging and branded accessories.

M&C Saatchi Spencer made its influence in the branding process, including the production of marketing and product content, packaging, accessories design, and more. We are happy to bring visible differences despite all the hard work for our friends at Solvil et Titus.

It was a fulfilling journey to help the brand reinterpret our nostalgic love to true fans of the anime. It is our honour to bring unprecedented results to the project, with all watches being sold out within days via exclusive online pre-order.