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China Construction Bank (Asia) appoints M&C Saatchi Spencer to launch Wealth is ‘Connect’ Latest cross-border ad campaign

China Construction Bank (Asia) has appointed M&C Saatchi Spencer to launch a new series of advertising campaigns to promote Premier Banking. With the applications of Computer Graphics (CG) technology, it connects wealth management with technology from the present to the future, in the hope of developing a more innovative and modern brand persona!

As Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is a large sea crossing that links Hong Kong and the Mainland, CCB(Asia) chooses to use the bridge as a metaphor for the connection between the two places, and even to the world.

In recent years, most banks opt for celebrities or singers as their brand ambassadors. But CCB(Asia) hopes to drive the brand with creativity. Bridge symbolizes connection, which also manifests the bank’s core messages.

Wealth is ‘Connect’. A modern wealth management approach has to utilise and integrate multifaceted financial information and economic trends, similar to having many invisible bridges in building a network that connects the world.