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M&C Saatchi Spencer curated The First 4EYER exhibition for Capman

M&C Saatchi Spencer curated The First 4EYER exhibition for Artist Capman. It was held in Hong Kong Soho House from 22nd Nov to 4th Dec 2022. The whole series is composed of 9 figure images. Each was drawn to inject imaginations inspired by some sort of pop culture and icons. Additionally, it can be seen as a kind of silent reactionary force against traditional definitions of subject matters and sex preference for fine art. This year, the series has been nominated to join the global exhibition about Equality (Art for Change ) at London Saatchi Gallery.

Many people create imaginative images based on their own backgrounds, developments and experiences. After many reconsiderations, they may consolidate, filter or transform all those fragmented images into specific thoughts and concepts - hoping to express and share the meaning of their experience and existence.

In this thinking process, people always go through a critical path - could you concretely figure it out? We have used two of the meanings for the word “FIGURE”. Figure out and human figure - to formulate the core purpose of the exhibition. All ideas must be conceived in a tangible form to come to fruition.

This exhibition aims to advocate all art practitioners. To use different tools and mediums - presenting their ideas in mind into something tangible. By involving in the execution and production stages of our own idea, we let ourselves to understand on a deeper level. We also encourage the audience to focus on the artist’s dedication, demand for details and expectations during the process of presenting his thoughts.