MCSAATCHISPENCER - The creative, branding & marketing communication specialist in Hong Kong, founded by Spencer Wong and M&C Saatchi, the largest independent advertising group in the world, listed in London.

Sammy Lau

Executive Creative Director

Sammy’s teammates, clients, and virtually anyone can all agree on the one thing that they notice first about him, his stylishly upbeat appearance. However when it comes to his charisma, it is never a fleeting thought. Sammy works tirelessly to create wholehearted solutions and will go the extra mile for his client’s needs. He is undoubtedly one of the more charismatic individual amongst his peers and clients.

What lies under his charismatic personality is a strong foundation built upon 2 decades worth of experience in elite advertising agencies such as McCann Erickson,DDB, Y&R and Dentsu.

He is an avid believer in encapsulating core messages with disruptive ground breaking creativity to further emphasize the message. To Sammy, it is not only about the creative trophies he wins but rather never losing sight of the intended message of the product. Making sure the customer visualize the product positively and in the best light possible always come first. You also begin to slowly realize how deep Sammy is tied to the industry as he has thorough experience in almost every category of product/services imaginable. From drink companies such as Coca Cola, Yakult, Vitasoy, Asahi, San Miguel to electronic products like Mitsubishi, Sony, Canon, you can see the versatility Sammy possesses. Just to name a few more, he’s also worked alongside Yuu, Colgate, Nike, Uniqlo, Citibank, Audi, Titus, to even MTR properties. We can go on and name a company in every industry and he has probably worked with them in some way shape or form, that is how talented this man is.